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    Important Info


    We can accommodate you in anything from luxurious lodges to basic camping depending on your budget. Most of the places we stay at are locally-owned so we support the local economy. We also select accommodation that has a great location, with well-appointed amenities and, where possible, runs on sustainable resources.


    Your private safari will be in comfortable 4x4 vehicles, either a mini-van or Land Cruiser, depending on availability. The vehicles seat up to eight people and have a pop-up roof to enable easy wildlife viewing. For larger groups, overland trucks are available.

    Our Projects

    We encourage our guests to budget a little bit more for their holiday with OTA to make room for a possible donation to the community-based organisations we visit. We do not take you to a project simply to fleece you; our main aim is to show you the positive activities being undertaken. But we have found that after spending some time with the people impacted by the projects, many of our guests are inspired to assist the projects financially or in other ways (volunteering for example).

    A list of projects can be found here.

    What’s included?

    As much or as little as you want! Our private charters give you the flexibility to decide your itinerary and inclusions. If you want a full-catered safari we can organise it for you. If you prefer the freedom to find your own restaurants, that’s fine too. If there are definite “must-sees” for your holiday, we can pre-book them. Or if you want to go with the flow once you land, we can provide simply the accommodation and transport and leave the rest to how you feel on the day. It’s up to you, your budget, and your dreams.

    How does it work?

    Together we will design an itinerary. Contact OTA to let us know where and when you want to travel and we will start putting together a plan. We can suggest highlights of the region as well as the types of community-based organisations available and you can tell us what is interesting to you. Once you have confirmed the itinerary, OTA will go ahead with booking accommodation and other services. On arrival in country, we will meet you at the airport, transfer you to your hotel, collect the final payment and make sure you are all set for your adventure.

    Click here to see how the booking process works.


    For most nationalities, visas can be obtained on arrival in East African countries. Please check with your embassy for particular information or requirements of your nationality. The prices of visas are not included in the price of your holiday with OTA and you will need US dollars to pay for them. More information can be found at the following links: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda


    The US dollar is still the best currency to travel with in Africa. ATMs can now be found in most large towns in East Africa, but you should not rely on finding them everywhere. Credit cards attract fairly high fees and are often not accepted outside major cities. We recommend bringing a combination of hard currency and ATM cards to cover your expenses on the road.

    When To Travel

    The peak tourist season in East Africa is June-August and December-January. The winter months (June-August) see clear blue skies and moderate temperatures but cool evenings. These are also the best months for wildlife watching (especially the famed Migration) before the rains make the grass grow too high. However prices tend to rise in this period and flights are popular. Climate information can be found here

    Getting there

    OTA does not provide flights from your home country to your tour starting point. We can organise airport transfers when you arrive, just let us know while we are planning your itinerary.


    You must hold your own personal travel insurance to travel with OTA. We suggest IHI, World Nomads or check out this comparison site

    On the Road

    Distances can be misleading in Africa due to road and traffic conditions. If you are from Australia and used to driving the 1000km between Sydney and Melbourne in a day, you’ll have to adjust your paradigm a bit. 500km is a very long driving day in Africa and not something to be taken on lightly! The roads are gnarly with potholes, unmarked speed humps and random farm animals scattered along them. The traffic is equally exciting as public buses overtake, undertake, cut off and weave crazily around the cars. Our experience allows us to plan a realistic itinerary to ensure you are not stuck in the car the entire time.


    OTA cannot provide specialist medical advice and we strongly suggest you visit a medical professional before travelling. Malaria is widespread in Africa so we recommend you seek advice on taking a prophylaxis while travelling on the continent. Additionally, Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates are required to gain entry to many African countries and, more importantly, often your home country on return from Africa. Please remember to bring this certificate with you! There are many other vaccinations for you to consider and OTA strongly recommends you visit a medical practitioner before travelling.

    This website can give you a bit of a headstart to prepare for your doctor visit. And for Malaria advice click here