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Who We Support….

Overland Travel Adventures is connected with community-based organisations who fulfill the criteria of being established, managed and supported by the local community in which they operate. This means you are able to witness first-hand local people helping themselves and you will be truly inspired by the amazing projects and the testimonies of those impacted.


Amani Kibera

 Amani Kibera is a youth led community based organization working in Kibera Slum focusing on youth participation on peace building, conflict management, active nonviolence and health through sports, culture and education. Their activities encourage community integration, better understanding and conflict resolution arising from political, economic, religious and cultural differences. They facilitate the society to discover and make use of possibilities and advantages inherent in talents and cultural diversity. Their community approach is through mentoring, exchange, networking and direct intervention.

Tsavo Volunteers

Tsavo Volunteers is a non- profit community based organization, which was founded by Patrick Kilonzo with the aim of conserving wildlife and restoring animal habitats


Still Kids for Life

Shem Argo Spiess is establishing a refuge centre in the Amboseli region for teenage girls fleeing female genital mutilation (FGM).  Although the practice is illegal in Kenya, the Masai community still continue it as their traditional culture dictates.  While the centre is under construction, girls are staying in safe houses with members of the community who support them.  Shem is also establishing connections with girl's football teams around Kenya to play against the girls at the refuge, with the intention of opening the communication and demonstrating that they are not alone.

Silver Plate School

Tsavo Volunteers is a non- profit community based organization, which was founded by Patrick Kilonzo with the aim of conserving wildlife and restoring animal habitats


The Kumbatio Foundation Netherlands supports projects in the city of Thika, Kenya to improve the life circumstances of children because they don´t have any parents or because they
have been abused or neglected by their parents.

Blue Bells Orphans

Muugano Development Gateways (MDG) is an NGO based in Busia, which was established by Chrisphine Ochieng Okumu.  One of the MDG's projects is the Blue Bells school and orphanage.  There are approximately 150 orphans currently housed with families in the local community and supported by profits made from selling soya beans.  The school is being developed and the next stage will be to build an orphanage to release the burden on local families.

Right now MDG is looking for agricultural expertise and teachers.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.​


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What they said...

This was my first trip to Africa and didn't know what to expect so I decided I'd feel safer with a tour. I was recommended OTA by a distant connection and was not disappointed. From the very first email inquiry to the moment we left Nairobi, Tracey and Francis gave us a safari with personal touches. They were genuine and did not treat us "like any other client". After matching the price of another tour, it was this personal touch that tipped the scales to go with OTA. My friend and I took a private 6-day tour to Nairobi, Masai Mara and Lake Naivasha. OTA was great about listening to our needs and wants and incorporated it into the tour giving us lots of wildlife and physical activity. They also were very accommodating when we had a last minute flight change.

Overall, I would use OTA again and highly recommend their services!

- Tiffany Ho, Qatar
Tailored Itinerary, August 2013